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In this year’s “Valentine’s Day” in February 14th, Mita shares established companies listed nearly 20 years (8.920, 0, 0%) (000782) in the “second spring”, the controlling shareholder of the company holding more into prosperity, the actual controller

In this year’s “Valentine’s Day” in February 14th, Mita shares established companies listed nearly 20 years (8.920, 0, 0%) (000782) in the “second spring”, the controlling shareholder of the company holding more into prosperity, the actual controller changes by Liang Weidong Li Jianzhi.

Li Jianzhi’s Changsheng holdings is a leader in the field of agricultural photovoltaic in china. Recently, Li Jianzhi received an exclusive interview with the securities times reporter. He said, Changsheng holdings is a diversified layout of the new energy Invest-holding Company, the future conditions are ripe, do not rule out the use of listed companies platform for effective integration of high-quality assets, enhance the profitability of listed companies. The next 12 months, Changsheng holdings will continue to increase Mita shares at the right time.

Changsheng holding aims at A shares

At the beginning of this year, the actual control of Mita shares changed, the third largest shareholder of the former Jiangmen Tianchang investment and the fourth largest shareholder of Tonge group (10.360, 0, 0%) will each hold 51 million 818 thousand and 200 shares (accounting for 9.81%) and 30 million shares (accounting for 5.68%) to transfer all Chang Sheng holdings; at the same time, the former largest shareholder Jun investment will hold 13% stake in the voting rights entrusted to the prosperity of holding.

Among them, two equity transfer price is 19.93 yuan / share, than Mita shares before the suspension price of 10.14 yuan / share premium of approximately 97% shares, the transfer price of 1 billion 631 million yuan. After the equity change, Li Jianzhi through its prosperity, holding a total of 28.49% listed companies have the right to vote, Mita shares actual control people by Liang Weidong into Li Jianzhi.

For Changsheng holdings, this is not the first time to show up in the capital market. January 19, 2016 listed on the new board, Changsheng (835154) major shareholders behind the prosperity is holding, in November of the same year, prosperity, from the new three board delisting. Market analysis thinks, obviously A share is prosperous holding more love “main battlefield”".

Chang Sheng, the official website, since 2010, prosperity, focus on photovoltaic power generation and the combination of modern agricultural land resources comprehensive utilization of new mode, has developed the five generation of 20 kinds of roof type, according to the different needs of different regions and different crops, animal husbandry and fishery of light and temperature, to achieve the perfect combination of photovoltaic power generation and farming, animal husbandry and Fisheries aquaculture. According to Li Jianzhi said, in 2016 prosperous power net profit level has exceeded 300 million yuan, the growth rate in 2017 is also very fast. After the photovoltaic + agricultural model has been recognized by the market, Changsheng holdings ushered in explosive development in recent years. Reporters learned that the prosperity of holding the focus on solar energy (13.420, 0, 0%) and other new energy business investment holdings, in addition to the photovoltaic business known as the society, the company in wind power, solar thermal, storage and sale of electricity and other areas are involved, is a diversified field layout in the new energy enterprise.

The prosperity holdings from the new board moved to A shares, but also lay a solid foundation for the future layout of the group. The financing capability and brand promotion of A share platform have a strong advantage, but at the present stage, under the strict form of reorganization, mergers and acquisitions easily involve the standard of backdoor, and the future prosperous group also needs to make appropriate solutions in the convenience of capital operation. On the other hand, the prosperity of the controlling shareholding ratio is not high, also said in holding Mita shares at the same time, the next 12 months do not rule out the possibility to continue to overweight, leaving the operating room for the integration of high-quality assets.

“PV + agriculture” leader

“We walk in the forefront of the country in the field of photovoltaic + agriculture, currently in 28 provinces, 87 counties have projects, and now the growth is still very fast.” Li Jianzhi told reporters, “we are now a year of total project development is 1GW, the annual project started 700MW, grid 400MW, every year at this rate is increasing, in fact, we maintain a very rapid growth, this is our main business.”.”

Changsheng holdings also benefited from the rapid development of policy support, especially in the financial sector. The financial capital investment in agricultural enterprises is always a difficult problem, the reason is the lack of actual collateral, and prosperous Holdings “PV + agriculture” mode will change the status. As a result of the policy support for agriculture, the company’s project can obtain large amount of long-term matching loans.

While photovoltaic development, this model also led to precision poverty alleviation and industrial poverty alleviation. Li Jianzhi told reporters that he had previous government industrial park management experience. In fact, the prosperity of the agricultural model is similar to Ma’s Taobao, that is, to build a platform to serve the enterprise on the platform, what we can provide support, lack of funds, we can also do industrial investment.” According to reports, Changsheng holdings and an agricultural Incubation Platform for “agriculture creation” includes capital, human resources, and the tax office space and other aspects of support, there have been dozens of agricultural crops of entrepreneurial projects, the company can also select high-quality projects from equity investment.

At present, the main source of profit of prosperous holdings depends on park construction and power station construction.” Li Jianzhi said, “last year, our profit source is less than 15% of agricultural contribution, industry accounted for 85%, agricultural and sideline products prices have been in the rising channel, the future potential is very large, profitability may be more than industrial projects.” Li Jianzhi believes that Changsheng holdings at the present stage should first do the industry, the future around the project to do solar characteristics community, and then use the characteristics of the community model, and then slowly form a characteristic town, the development of space is very large, can extend the industry is also very much.

Post time: Aug-11-2018